Raspberry Pi Jam First!

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Tuesday 2nd October 4.00pm saw the first Raspberry Pi Jam take place here in the 3 Counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

Organised by John Palmer, Curriculum Leader in IT & Computing at The Chase, Malvern, and Regional Contact for CAS (Computing at Schools) the event was attended by local businesses, students young and old, STEMNET, Code Club, IET, app developers, hobbyists and educators.

After a brief introduction from John Palmer and some delicious Raspberry Pi tarts – (courtesy of our friend Heidi of Blue Duck Country Kitchen), it was time to wander round looking at what people had been up to with their Pi’s and to find out more.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 20.18.27Pete Worsley (Chase Sixth Form) demonstrated his remote imaging code created in conjunction with UTC Aerospace as part of his Engineering Education Scheme (EES) project. Designed as a lightweight surveillance platform, he uses the Pi to host a webpage that can be prompted to take a photo with a webcam. The webpage then allows you to view the pictures that it has taken.

Stewart Watkiss from AT&T showcased his Tablet controlled motorised robot.  Stewart runs code clubs and is a Stemnet ambassador and finds the robot to be a great way to stimulate kids interest.  It is a Raspberry Pi configured as a wireless hotspot, mounted to the chassis. A single chip is used to take the GPIO outputs and convert them to forward and reverse drive at the wheels.

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Stewart is experimenting with the Raspberry Pi camera module on the front of the robot.  He has some other great projects that you can find on the web.

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There was also music playing on the Raspberry Pi internet radio working over 4G, streaming from Paradise Radio.

At the younger end of the scale, Olivia (age 7 yrs) was showcasing her first efforts at programming with Scratch, with her game ‘Flying Fairies’, and Louis (age 9yrs) – who had loaded Minecraft onto his Pi.

Click here to watch videos of the projects and the Raspberry Pi Jam at https://vimeo.com/littl/videos

Our thanks go to James McDonald for giving his time, and filming the event in such a professional way. You can see his work on www.jjmcdonald.com – we thoroughly recommend him!

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