Around the World in 88 Sounds

Makey_Makey Little Pi Shop

Makey Makey to be used to explore the creative possibilities of code in a schools workshop organised by Google and led by American artist and computer programmer Zach Lieberman. The workshop is part of DevArt Young Creators, created by the Barbican … Continue reading

Robots and Raspberries in the UK


Great excitement at Little Pi Shop HQ today as we took delivery of our first stock of Rapiro robots from Japan. Rapiro, the cute programmable robot, is the successful Kickstarter project from Shota Ishiwatari, an established Japanese inventor, previously know for … Continue reading

iDEA. Digital enterprise awards for 16 – 25 year olds

            Innovative digital ideas are characterising our generation. We’re in a time when friends can get together with a simple idea, and create something as universal & impressive as Facebook.         Young … Continue reading

Learning to crack the code

Malvern Observer Article_11_Feb_Pi_Jam

Malvern’s first Student Edition Raspberry Pi Jam – a joint collaboration with Key IQ, CAS (Malvern), and the folk at Little Pi Shop has made it into the newspapers! The sessions, which are aimed at local Primary and Secondary School … Continue reading

Cloudy with a chance of Raspberry Pi

airpi kids

Whatever the weather, Airpi tells it how it is. Build your own weather station and monitor air quality with a Raspberry Pi! If you’re mad about the weather, you’ll love this! Watch the video here. Alyssa Dayan and Tom Hartley … Continue reading

Rapiro… the cutest robot you’ll ever meet

rapiro eben & rapiro1

Shota Ishiwatari gets the thumbs up from Eben Upton from the Raspberry Pi Foundation for his successful Kickstarter Project Rapiro. He’s cute, easy to assemble and works straight out of the box. Program him with your Raspberry Pi, or use … Continue reading

Malvern Raspberry Pi Jam


Got a Pi? Or just curious what they are? Interested in computer gaming? Want to take part in some fun Pi projects? Join us, Key IQ and The Chase School at the very first Student Edition Raspberry Pi Jam in … Continue reading