Malvern Raspberry Jam – Student Edition

smiling kiddy_edited-2

Little Pi Shop had a fun time on Tuesday afternoon taking part in the very first Student Edition Raspberry Pi Jam at The Wyche Innovation Centre, Malvern.

It was great to see kids embracing a barebones computer and coming away full of enthusiasm,  having created their first computer game on their own!  Many of them had never seen a Raspberry Pi before, but that did not hold them back.

We also did a Scratch challenge to create a ‘pong’ game, and there were certificates plus  giveaways for all the students that attended.

We were also lucky to have some more experienced programmers – including  from groups like Code Club –  who explained the basics very clearly.


Thanks to Key IQ and John Palmer of The Chase School for helping with the event, and to The Wyche Innovation Centre for hosting.

See you all next time!