Malvern Festival of Innovation 2013

Harriet Baldwin_Mavern Festival of Innovation

Little Pi Shop took the opportunity to showcase its Raspberry Pi Starter kits to MP Harriet Baldwin at the Malvern Festival of Innovation 2013.

The event was open to the public on the Saturday and it was a chance to introduce the Raspberry Pi to those who had never heard of it before. Everyone was fascinated to find out what all the fuss was about over this very British creation!

Perfect for ‘gadgeteering’, the Pi is a very, capable piece of hardware. Great for robotics, home automation or industrial controls. It’s awesome as a media centre for high definition TV (watch films, sport, play games, listen to music), use it for weather stations or build yourself a quad-copter. There are all sorts of Raspberry Pi projects to try out. Don’t forget to check our Create and Share tab for lots of ideas for projects.

Educational fun for all!

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