Around the World in 88 Sounds

Makey_Makey Little Pi Shop

Makey Makey to be used to explore the creative possibilities of code in a schools workshop organised by Google and led by American artist and computer programmer Zach Lieberman. The workshop is part of DevArt Young Creators, created by the Barbican … Continue reading

iDEA. Digital enterprise awards for 16 – 25 year olds

            Innovative digital ideas are characterising our generation. We’re in a time when friends can get together with a simple idea, and create something as universal & impressive as Facebook.         Young … Continue reading

Show and tell…


Robots were showing off their moves at BETT 2014. Leading the way was NAO, a humanoid robot popular with Educationalists – unfortunately, not powered by a Raspberry Pi, (but we like him anyway). We caught him on film. Check him … Continue reading

Little red car powered by Pi…

Little red car powered by Pi

Little red car powered by Pi…and controlled by your Smartphone or tablet!  

Bird’s Eye View Cam

Birds Eye View2

Bird’s eye view uses the Pi to host a webpage that can be prompted to take a photo with a webcam.  You can then view pictures that it has taken on the webpage.