About Us

We live in a digital age. It is no longer enough just to be able to use computers, we also need to understand how they work. Every aspect of our children’s lives is touched by technology, and as they grow up in this digital age, it will become even more vital that their relationship with computers is anything but passive.

Little Pi Shop is passionate about introducing electronics and computing to children in a way that is both engaging and inspiring. We want to show you that technology is fun, easy to use and achievable. Our theory is – if we can get kids to have a go, and they find they can do it, they will want to do it again, and the adults might have some fun too!

Our approach is one of sharing and inclusiveness. We want everyone to be involved – from mums and dads, to kids and their teachers.

Using the Raspberry Pi, our kits are a fun affordable approach to programming and electronics. We love the Raspberry Pi, and want to share it with you!